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What it means: A few weeks ago, the Bucs were in the midst of an identity crisis. Ten games into the season, we know who they are. They re a team that beats really, really bad teams but not anyone else. Asked if the ESPN story was accurate, Carroll said: “I think it was an old story that I don’t even know where all the stuff came from. I will say this: I’ve said to you guys before that the big wins are just as hard as the big losses, if you let it be. And our first Super Bowl (the rout of Denver at the end of the 2013 season to win Seattle’s first NFL title) was a challenge to get back from.

But the statistics are amazing. Those who do all three well are easily twice as successful as the average leader, and 20 times more successful than leaders who don do any of those three things. Most leadership theories focus on behaviors and traits, and how you should show up as a leader, and that all very important in leadership, of course.

This weekis a chance to get back on track with a poor Titans team coming to town. Tennessee has lost three straight road games and has yet to score more than 17 in any of them. Baltimore should be able to run and throw effectively and score plenty against the Titans.

It state law, says Prothro.It also important for everyone to stay on the scene.”We get about 3,000 hit and run accidents on average a year. That just the hit and run accidents. That just where someone has left the scene. Wouldn be where I at today had I not chosen to go to the U of R, Clark said. Are a lot of things that weighed into that as well. Basketball was huge for me and continuing on that foot was important.

Voters in 2015 voted for change in Amarillo’s City Council by rejecting two incumbents and a man portrayed as part of the establishment. So, a year and a half later, what change has happened?Within four months, national blogger Route Fifty said Amarillo might be America’s most dysfunctional city following the election and was certainly “in complete municipal turmoil.”Fresh from election, newcomers to the council said they wanted to fire city manager Jarrett Atkinson if he didn’t resign and that they wanted to clean house at the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation.Eventually Atkinson did resign, as did upper level City Hall employees including the deputy city manager, city attorney, traffic engineer, and so on.The council and city management have struggled to refill those positions, and now the interim city manager is gone also.What else has changed? Leadership proposed bonds to address major issues in the city, but were voted down across the board except on street work and public safety initiatives.Change takes a fresh look at things, new perspectives and resources to make changes.I want your Perspective. The 3 new officials have only brought and discontent.

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