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Furthermore, according to industry experts, OVG design appears more flexible for achieving current and future arena standards. The SP building design distorts the iconic arena roof design which may make it difficult surviving the landmark process and provides concerns with its less than optimal site lines and fan experience because of how the center court and rink is off center from the dominating interior roof structure.While the group expressed reservations about transportation, saying neither bid with the transportation issues in a compelling or convincing way, it did express concerns specifically with AEG owner Philip Anschutz alleged support of anti LGBT causes as a reason for not doing business with the organization.Leiweke previously unannounced alignment with Bonderman and Bruckheimer is surely aimed at easing concerns about his long term desire to have an anchor tenant.Bonderman, 74, is on the executive committee and is a minority owner of the NBA Boston Celtics. He is worth $2.5 billion, according to Forbes.

Troubled Jonathan Martin, 28, posted a picture on his private Instagram feed on Thursday of a shotgun and cartridges on a bed, with the caption: ‘When you’re a bully victim a coward, your options are suicide, or revenge.’In the chilling post, he hashtagged his former school, Harvard Westlake in California and the Miami Dolphins, as well as tagging some of his former teammates.Harvard Westlake School, an elite private school costing $38,000 a year and popular with celebrities, was forced to close both its campuses after one of its students highlighted the post as a possible ‘security threat’ on social media, police said.Los Angeles Police Department Officer Tony Kuey said the man in custody made no direct threat against the school and the investigation is ongoing.One source at Harvard Westlake said Martin was the man detained over the incident, though police said there was ‘no credible threat’ against students.But sources said the social media post came from the private Instagram account of former NFL player Martin, who is known to suffer from a depressive disorder.A source who had access to the picture said: ‘This seems like a joke gone horribly horrible wrong.’Stanford University graduate Martin was a player for the Miami Dolphins, but left in 2013 amid allegations he was a victim of racist bullying.Martin’s teammate Richie Incognito was investigated by the NFL Players Association over allegations that he was the ringleader of a group of Dolphins players who bullied Martin for months.Incognito left voicemails on Martin’s phone calling him a ‘half nr piece of st’, threatening to slap his mother and even making death threats against Martin.The current Buffalo Bills player also joked about ‘running a train’ on Martin’s sister, and made other crude remarks about her.Martin, who played offensive tackle for the Dolphins, reportedly checked into a hospital for emotional distress over the incident, and returned to his parents home in California.He ultimately quit the team and debated giving up on his career, feeling such psychological duress that he said he twice considered committing suicide.Also tagged in the Instagram post was sports agent James Dunleavy, VP Basketball at Independent Sports Entertainment and TJ Taylor, a top executive at an exclusive dating app both appear to be former students at Harvard Westlake.It’s not clear whether Martin also suffered from bullying at Harvard Westlake.Neighbors of Martin at the upscale, modern apartment building in West Hollywood where he lives, were stunned at the news.’He would say, “hey” and that was it. He wasn’t very talkative. He’s real big but he didn’t strike me as somebody who was aggressive or violent.

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