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Team Cottrell’s “franchise player” also is from an Alabama college. The league’s franchise players were announced as the first round selections. MLFB said the franchise players “were chosen for their abilities on and off the field, in particular, their commitment to community outreach to develop football talent, support local sporting organizations, and foster fan and local business support in MLFB’s team host city.”.

None of these pieces of evidence (or others presented by the pro government media) is completely dispositive on its own especially with respect to Gulen’s own culpability. There is always the possibility that this was a rogue, pre emptive operation by a number of Gulenists along with others, carried out without the knowledge or blessing of Gulen. Gareth Jenkins, who knows the Turkish military perhaps even better than it knows itself, is inclined to think so and is skeptical that this was a Gulenist operation planned from the top..

Hieronymus Bogs is a one man troupe whose musical performances embrace the primitive ties between music, poetry and art. His contemplative songs unfold like primal hymns; his solemn baritone voice cradled in warm acoustic guitar, banjo and sleigh bell percussion. Bogs’ performances flow from songs to recitations, and short vignettes that carry his often metaphysical themes forward and at times off stage.

“For me, I should have made the most of the opportunities that I was given,” he said last week. “I just tried to get better every week, and I felt like I did. From the beginning to now, I was inactive for a lot of the year, but each week, I felt like I was getting better.

Meant to empower youth to teach and lead other youth, she explains. It wasn just about learning to play a new sport, but teaching them to try something new and not give up. Founded by Schofield and Mike Tanton to help Indigenous children living in the inner city, the program didn get off to a very smooth start.

“I was really just glad to help,” Liday said. “I like to think that I did the same thing most people would have done if presented with the same situation. I was very relieved Highland High School had an AED that was accessible. A coach can deal with a running back who may not be as fast or as strong or one who doesn’t have the ideal vision to make cuts and set up blocks, but a coach cannot deal with a running back who fumbles. This will coach the coach and the team ball games. Therefore you have to work on protecting the ball.

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