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The atmosphere is calming the opposite of a typical “hospital environment.” Dr. Rao says the entire design is intended to help patients relax. “Most patients get that feeling, ‘Oh, we’re gong to the hospital. Went through the encyclopedia, I went through every sport. Basically I find out how to contact them by going on the Internet and Googling them or searching message boards or switchboards. I find an article that says a player has retired to a certain city, so I have their last name and where they live.

You know for decades San Diego has supported the Chargers. The problems started with new owners extorting billion$ from local communities. Dean Spanos has spent the last few years extorting San Diego and the community basically said no. Montoursville quarterback Brycen Mussina became the first quarterback in Lycoming County history to reach 60 career touchdown passes in a 49 0 win at Milton. Mussina completed all 6 of his passes for 167 yards and four touchdowns. The three year starting senior now has 60 career touchdown passes and 5,991 career yards..

When my wife and I bought our home in west Urbana in 1987, we inherited scores of pavers. And most of those carried this brand: the word “Clinton” inside a diamond shape. For years, I assumed the brick maker was located in Clinton, Ill. But it didn take long for Henderson to win over his detractors. With a smooth as silk broadcasting style, uncharacteristic wit and an unmatched ability to craft sports prose, Jim became a local legend.Never has his talent been more on display than his three decades calling Saints games on the radio. He given sports fans a great reason to “turn up the sound on your radio.” Henderson radio calls are synonymous with Saints football and with the exception of a year calling NFL network games, his trusted perspective has been a part of Saints football for three decades.Henderson ability to describe the action is unparalleled and like every great announcer he has left Saints fans with some of the most memorable lines ever.

One of the biggest mistakes that many young people make when entering the workforce is thinking a lot of their next paycheck and thinking very little of retirement. After all, retirement is for old people. News flash: If you are blessed to live long enough, you will be a member of the people club.

Heavy selling has already lifted the 10 year Treasury yield from 2.4% at the start of 2018 to around 2.85% today. That critical because Treasuries help set the price for virtually every other asset. Government debt, which is seen as an ultra safe investment, could hurt demand for riskier assets like stocks..

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