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According to neighbors and police, the incident was the result of a dispute about a woman. Looking to prevent retaliation, police soon picked up Trey uncle, Rodney Southers, a Rollin 20s Blood, as well as Athens Park Bloods members Ladarrel Bradley and Floyd Davis. Southers, a convicted felon now in federal custody, had an open warrant for domestic assault and also had bullets in his pocket, which could lead to a lengthy jail sentence without the possibility of parole.

One of the items stolen was a pink moon chair Kathy had gotten for Christmas.”I went back to my grandma and told her, ‘I think I found my pink moon chair,’ and I said, ‘Follow me,'” said Kathy.She spotted her chair beside an RV and U Haul that was parked at the RV Park.”I picked up the chair, and as soon as I picked it up and looked at the feet where I had taped them to keep the little rubber stoppers from falling off, I knew it was her chair,” said Brenda Winters.Winters then called police to inform them about the find.”They were here within five minutes, and the police officer walked over and picked up the chair. They asked Kathy to identify it, and then asked me and I said, ‘Yes, that’s our chair. I got pictures of it.

But at least there is a blueprint, an impression of an understanding that a much larger repair was needed to the structural damage that was years in the making. Khan made the necessary investment to have a much tighter ship. He wants Coughlin’s voice to echo in everything that comes out of the mouths of Marrone, Caldwell and the players..

“I’d love to go out and play golf and have some easy putts to start my round off,” Harbaugh said. “It doesn’t usually work out that way. So I think it helps the cream rise to the top. I’ve met with Nick personally. I met with all the kids on the team for a good 10 15 minutes, just not even talking football. You know, finding out about their families, what interests them off the field, about their academics, how they got to Mississippi State, but my talks with Nick have been very general in a sense that and I’m confident in our assistant coach’s ability to get him the scheme and get him to perform, like I said, at his highest level, but I think he’s very, very excited.

Cal football’s game on Friday, or Saturday in Australia time, officially kicked off the college football season and, well, the Pac 12 has never looked more muddled this close to the start of the season. With no clear favorite and a group of likely award contenders think the likes of Christian McCaffrey, Luke Falk and Josh Rosen, just to name a few the conference’s standings will likely be decided by some more under the radar players. Here are five of the players to watch this season..

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