A buyers guide for creating the perfect space

Home or office, malls or restaurants, nothing is complete without a creative and pleasing lighting. Lights are an important part in all these areas, due to the visibility and attractiveness it creates in the space.

We can find well-lit chandeliers and walkway lights in most of the restaurants and malls or in resorts. The ambiences they create is so inviting, that you will forget anything else, and just observe the charismatic ambience in full spirit; that’s the power of lights.

But, how do you choose such similar lights to your space, in decorating the space that you have, be it home or your office or your work desk, or just your small room? Well, here are few tips for you to choose the best, wholesale lighting at an affordable price too.

Any space needs lighting, decorative lights that balance the functional need of the space along with the style and character of the space that you live in. Below are few of the essential lighting ideas that can be incorporated anywhere.

Wall lights:

If you have a narrow space and are looking for some lighting that will enhance the space, make it look elegant, then this is the one. They introduce an accent into your space, that provides enough brightness without needing an additional space, or room. Narrow spaces like small rooms, drawing rooms, can be made to look dramatic with the help of these wall lights.


Want to light up the high roof living room, dining area, entryway? Then go in for pendant lighting that will never go wrong in the choice, creating the perfect ambience.

High ceilings that are above or are 10ft high can boast these pendants very elegantly. Ceilings that are below it, around 8ft can choose flush or semi-flush which can maximise the light and also make space look a little bigger than it is!…

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